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A creative/bored teen decided to create a faux account on here pretending to be me recently. No harm, no foul!
But they were mostly uploading newer pieces of mine I hadn't put up here yet and it made me think perhaaaaps I'd been holding out on you guys! So pardon any sudden influx of "new" work!
Thanks for your support as always <3
Hey folks!
Have I ever mentioned that I've got a Tumblr? No? WELL THEN
There's a lot of the same stuff here as there but with Tumblr being Tumblr there's also a lot more nerdy stream of consciousness babbling/reblogging/gifs so enter at your own risk lol
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Hey folks!!
A little bit late to the party but I thought you might like to know about a super RAD project I was fortunate enough to be a part of.
Jisuk was kind enough to once again take on the daunting task of organizing a collaborative card deck project featuring an amazing group of talented artists (and myself lol) benefiting the Save the Rhino charity.

Follow the link HERE to learn more and back this project on Kickstarter! And Check out the website HERE to view the card illustrations and read about the fairy tales!

This is a limited pre-order and will NOT be re-printed! You have until September 10th to order so hop to it!
Thanks again guys, YOU RULE

>PS I did the 6 of Spades. Woo!
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Whoa, a DD?! Holy crap!
I am so overwhelmed by the outpouring of comments and favorites, you guys are so awesome!
And I'm comforted to see so many people out there are in the same exercise boat haha!
Again, thank you all so much for your kind words. I don't think I can possibly respond to every comment, but I read and appreciate each and every one!
Thanks especially to Thiefoworld for the feature and to FluffyInDrag for the incredibly generous gift of a premium DA membership!
ILU DUDES :tighthug:
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Just bumpin' my old journal off the front page as commissions are closed for the time being.
Thanks, dudes!
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Howdy kiddos!

First off, a great big thanks to everyone who supported the COLORS Charity Art Book so far! And for everyone else, it's not too late to snag your copy! So take a gander at the COLORS Charity website for all the juicy details and to pre-order your very own snazzy copy!

Now down to business: I am open for commissions!
Sorry to spam you all with my shameless plugging, but desperate times... yadda yadda yadda. lol
So if you've ever been interested in a commission from yours truly, now's your chance.
I'm open for any type of commission, illustrations, badges, color, black and white, etc.
Paypal ONLY please! Sorry for any inconvenience!
Prices and info are as follows:

Badges: A digitally inked and colored 4"x3" badge. My printer has since gone tits up, so I am unable to provide a printout of the badge at this time. So I've lowered my price accordingly and badges are now only $20. You will, however, still receive a hi-res copy of your badge ready for printing!

Full color: Starting at $40. Drawings are digitally inked and colored, and you will receive a hi-res copy of the drawing ready for print. Contact me about any other goodies you may want like backgrounds, additional characters, etc.

Black & White: Same as above only black and white! Inks only - $15 Shaded - $25

Only 4 slots are available for the time being, to keep my queue manageable.

Feel free to send me a note or comment with any questions or to let me know if you're interested!
Thanks guys, you're the best <3
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A while back I was asked to participate in a collaborative charity art book put together by :iconfresh4u: and it is finally up for preorder!! YEAH!

ALL proceeds made during the sales of the book are going towards the National Organization for Rare Diseases ( So not only is it a rad art book, you are also helping out a great cause!

Check out the COLORS CHARITY ARTBOOK website to learn more and preorder your copy today. Copies are limited, so get on it!!

The book is 114 pages, full color, featuring a mountain of really excellent artists. Just check this craziness out! Contributing artists include:
:iconfresh4u: :iconmoosekleenex: :iconnati: :iconpyawakit: :iconevelmiina: :iconanklesnsocks: :icon1022: :iconkatieannowens: :iconbetteo: :iconshycustis: :iconlysol-jones: :iconchickenteeth: :iconrye-bread: :iconethe: :iconkatarzynajaskiewicz: :iconlicchan: :iconmartinhoulden: :iconaxl99: :iconquislings: :iconcrouching-kitty: :iconpeach-mork: :iconmediaviolence: :iconcoeykuhn: :icondalia: :iconazuzephre: :iconclaparo-sans: :iconplaguedog: :iconmoonyen: :iconmilkdeer: :iconcbernie: : :iconcaltron: :iconpuncturedscrotum: :iconantilamonn: :iconochrejelly: :iconmutsy: :iconresemble: :iconaniamohrbacher: :iconkaiserknife: :iconsmoteymote: :iconbrilcrist: :iconsaprophilous: :icontails-ch2: :iconpetemohrbacher: :icontrowicia: :iconsandara: :iconbuguanle: :iconmsh: :iconliiga: :iconjunalesca: :iconhamletmachine: :iconlawnmowerpants: :iconjisuk: :iconarekudemon: :iconkchilt: :iconcassandrajean: :iconfabio-barboni: :iconcurry23: :iconleaunoire: :iconkajoi: :icon2013: :iconan-jing: :iconsambees: :icontkpants: :iconbonhwajp: :icongottschalk: :iconbasalt: :iconboum: :iconaragornbird: :iconeurukatt: :icontobiee: ... and more!

And so once again, to learn more and to PREORDER YOUR COPY please click here for the COLORS CHARITY ARTBOOK website
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So thanks to the encouragement of a few folks I decided to submit my Bubo Cheshire (re-christened Owlcat to avoid any copyright issues heh) to

You can vote and comment HERE!…

So please! If you like the design, and would like a desk buddy, do go vote on! I will love you forever! And so will Owlcat! <3

Thanks as always for the support, guys :)
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Sorry I've been kind of neglecting you, DA.
Between here, my blog, and my lj sometimes I feel like have too many venues to post to.
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Hey all!
So my fellow badasses jisuk, doven, katy, and myself are participating once again this year in the NYC AIDS Walk .
To simultaneously help raise money for a great cause AND make your walls beautiful, we've put together a print sale!
Please check out Jisuk's post here >>… << for more details and a list of available prints.
Prints are $8 each, or 3 for $20 and ALL money raised from the sale goes directly to AIDS Walk 2009. And of course if you don't necessarily want a print, you're always welcome to donate directly to our team:….
Thanks guys!!
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So usually I'm pretty good about this sort of thing, but apparently I was taking a mental vacation and clicked some random link in a comment I received. I actually have no idea what it does aside from apparently spamming a bunch of people with the same link using your username. I cleared my cache and changed my password so here's hopin' it ain't nothin. So I'm sorry if you get a random link that says something to the extent of "this may be relevant to your interests", I fucked up! Whoops!
So Three Delivery's premiere was this Friday! Hope you all tuned in if you got the chance! And don't forget to watch next Friday ;)

Anyways, I just recently noticed. Remember when DA had its big overhaul several years ago? When it first came out, my message center was a little wonky. If I were to hit Select All and then Mark as Read, nothing would happen. It'd refresh and all my comments and faves etc. would still be there. I assumed they'd fix it but in the meantime I removed each section individually and that was that. Well, I dunno what made me think of it but this week I thought to myself "Oh wow I forgot about the mark all as read option, I'll do that!" And what do ya know, IT IS STILL BROKEN. Honestly how has this escaped their attention for this long? I mean this is EASILY a 3 year old problem. Jesus christ are they that lazy??? I'm pretty flabbergasted by the whole thing. I'm not usually hard on you guys but, this is pretty pathetic, DA!
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I'm here this lovely evening to shamelessly promote the show I've been working on for the past.. well, almost a year!
Three Delivery will be premiering this Friday night, June 27th at 7:30pm on the Nicktoons Network! omgwtfbbq!!!
As you may know I started out my "professional career" working on this show, so it's near and dear to my <3. I've been AC's character designer for the show (there's a fabulous team of hard-working Canadians at Fat Kat who do my dirty work while I do all the fun stuff. Sorry Canada!) since late January. I didn't start doing main design until episode 12 so it'll be a bit yet til we see anything that's got any main design by me, but that's ok!  I was lucky enough to work (along w/ Jisuk) on character design when this show was still in pre-production way back in '06 so I had a hand in all the little things like turnarounds, expressions, etc. So there's a little bit of our work in every scene, really >:)
But enough about me, here are a few links to check out!

Three Delivery - The official site! Concept art, music video, story, wallpapers, buddy icons, the list goes on. And grab a copy of that infectiously catchy theme song!

Nicktoons' TD Page - Watch a few mini-episodes, all of which were animated in house by our very own fabulous AC animators so they're pretty awesome. Bonus interviews w/ Tobey's voice actor and Alan Foreman: the man, the machine, the brains behind this whole show.

So please! Go, spread the word to any kids or cartoon loving adults you know ;) Sorry this is xposted everywhere but I'm doing my part to get the word out there lol.
Download the theme song, grab a new wallpaper, watch some mini-episodes, whatever floats your boat. Please accept the above wallpaper I drew (which you can DL on the website, hint hint!) while you anxiously await Three Delivery's premiere.
And look for it on Nicktoons on the 27th or you'll be shrimp toast!
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Want to draw. Sweaty arm sticking to tablet. Gross. So gross. Melting. Send Help.
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Just bumpin' that old journal off my front page so uhhh.. what's new?
Well, gots my old job back! Drawin' monsters and hip teenage kids ain't a bad way to make a living if I do say so myself. Life is excellent!
Sorry for a lack of updates, things were a bit hectic for a while at work but it's all settled now. Hopefully I'll have something for ya soon :D
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Hey kiddos, anyone wanna buy me a couple months subscription to DA in exchange for a wee commish? something like these. Quick 'n dirty 'n fun :)
plz comment here first, I can only do one or two of these and don't want anyone to buy me time for nothin! First come first served <3
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So I've noticed something interesting recently. It seems that total strangers are all deeply concerned for the wellbeing of my gloves.
See, jisuk gave me these excellent mittens, but my coat pockets are pretty shallow so they're always poking out. People will go out of their way to come up to me specifically to let me know one of my mittens looks like it's about to come loose. It's amazing, and it happens constantly. And not only that, but for some reason it gives people such a sense of accomplishment. I look down at my dangling mitten, smile at them and say "oh, thanks!" and they'll proceed to either grin proudly at me for saving my glove from the horrible fate of meeting the subway floor, or strike up a conversation. I'm always game for conversation with total strangers, so this makes me pretty happy too.
Now the most interesting part is, since these mittens are always on the edge of danger, they do on occasion fall out of my pocket. Despite the apparent obsession with glove safety, NO ONE will ever let me know this has happened. And I will wander along until I notice one is missing and backtrack to find it. Or Amelia will come home and let me know she found one of them out by the front door or something. I appreciate this early warning system they've got going on here, but I'd also like it if the same courtesy were extended to me after the fact, too!
This is just one of many bizarre phenomenon that occurs to me on a daily basis, but is particularly relevant being winter and all.
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O god art block
Drawing is such a chore. This is really just a miserable ordeal. I've got things to do, dammit. Oh if only I had a few creative brain cells left.
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Oh man. Now that I make pixel art for a living, I look at my ID every time I come to DA and wanna puke. It's so awful!! I should really re-do it. hurrrr
Anyways, work is super! Stressful but fun! And I'm actually making money again so A+ to that. Still neglecting DA for inappropriate fan art, though. So sorry lol.
In other news today I bought a new ipod nano and it's sexy as hell. I'm not sure if my old zen micro was just crappy in comparison or what, but it sounds incredible! Nothing makes me happy quite like loud music. I immediately set the volume limit as high as it would go.
I am a little depressed that Saturday's almost over already, though. Tragic!! C'est la vie.
Metro, boulot, dodo.
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whoops, hay DA sorry for neglecting you. been busy playing phoenix wright and drawing inappropriate fanart thereafter
i'll post something soon if i can manage to tear myself from the DS haha ; ;
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